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Weekly Highlights

Web3 Gaming and NFTs Weekly Highlights

Latest updates: Jul 17 2023

Headliner of the Week

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Fat Azuki (OpenSea)

News Highlights

  • Line Next and Sega are collaborating to create a Web3 game for Game Dosi. Line Next will use one of Sega's popular video game IPs, transforming it into a Web3 game. Sega is shifting its focus to rely on third parties for Web3 game development. More details about the game will be revealed later.
  • Mighty Bear Games is switching its Mighty Action Heroes game to the Arbitrum blockchain in collaboration with Treasure. This move comes ahead of the game's open beta launch, providing unrestricted access to players. The game and its NFT collections will be available on Treasure's marketplace, using the MAGIC token.
  • Tearing Spaces announces a new mint for Divine Steward NFTs, playable characters with unique powers and the potential for passive income. These NFTs will be 'Omnichain,' allowing swapping between different blockchains in the future, enabled by a partnership with LayerZero protocol.
  • Star Atlas introduces player governance with their first DAO Proposal, PIP-1. Players gain voting power by locking up POLIS tokens, and the proposal goes through multiple phases before the final vote. This aligns with the rising trend of web3 games embracing player DAO plans.
  • Web3 studio Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) launched Gas Hero, a strategic, socially-oriented game. They are hosting the Shape the Legends, Share the Glory competition, where players can design Genesis Heroes NFTs to win creator royalties and $GMT utility tokens.
  • Quicksave Interactive launched Chapter 2: Garden of Friends for its Web3 game, Axie Infinity: Raylights. The update brings in-game monetization, multiplayer gaming, and the ability for players to earn revenue from their plots. It also introduces new features like power-up gems and Biocharge for added strategy.


Project Spotlight

Hunters On-Chain, a fantasy action game, gained popularity during its testnet launch. Now, the game is officially releasing on July 20th, initially for Genesis Hunters holders. Players can earn BGEM tokens to open chests, craft artifacts, and upgrade their Hunters. Mobile releases will follow later.

The game offers both PvE and PvP modes, with players fighting monsters and leveling up in PvE, and engaging in FFA arena carnage in PvP to get the most kills. BGEM tokens earned from matches can be used to purchase chests and level up Hunters.

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NFTs Buzz

  • Google Play now allows blockchain content and NFT rewards in apps but with strict rules. Developers must declare crypto transactions and comply with regulations. Promoting earnings linked to assets is forbidden. On-device crypto mining apps are banned, but remote management apps are allowed.
  • Gucci and Christie's are collaborating on an NFT auction called "Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion," featuring 21 NFTs inspired by Gucci designs. The auction will take place from July 18 to July 25, showcasing the fusion of fashion and generative art.
  • Decentraland now offers pre-built scenes to help newcomers create virtual venues quickly and easily. This feature aims to encourage more users to build in the Metaverse and contribute to a vibrant virtual metropolis.
  • Cool Cats, the popular NFT collection, is expanding with 3 casual gaming titles and strategic partnerships. This move aims to appeal to a broader audience using traditional marketing methods. The games will be launched between 2023 and 2024.
  • Unstoppable Domains launched the Unstoppable Marketplace with 860+ integrated Web3 applications, including wallets and featured apps. Powered by Polygon Labs' dApp Store Kit, it provides users access to the Web3 community, while developers can integrate digital identity into their dapps using the toolkit.

Fundraising Frenzy

  • Get Protocol, a next-gen ticketing platform, raised $4.5 million in funding. It will use NFTs for event access and compete with Ticketmaster. The funding was led by Flow Ventures, with support from Tezos Foundation and others. Get Protocol aims to expand NFT-based ticketing while also offering traditional options.
  • Binance Labs invested $15 million in Xterio, a blockchain game publisher known for "free-to-play-and-own" games with NFT rewards. They support 11 games and use multiple blockchain platforms like Polygon and Sui. The funds will fuel game development and explore AI integrations.


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