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Game Analysis

BLOCKLORDS - Your Legacy Is In Your Hands

Latest updates: Jun 24 2023


Genre: Simulation

Blockchain: Ethereum and Immutable X

Minimum investment: Free

Supported device: PC


Project Highlights

  • BLOCKLORDS is a medieval MMO grand strategy game with RPG elements that follows a Play-to-Own model. It boasts a fully player-owned economy and offers a diverse range of roles within the interconnected BLOCKLORDS universe.
  • Embracing a play-to-own model, BLOCKLORDS allows players to shape their own destinies and take true ownership of their in-game assets, creating a unique and immersive medieval strategy experience like no other.
  • With an impressive following, BLOCKLORDS has garnered 66.5K Twitter followers and boasts 18.3K members on Discord.
  • The BLOCKLORDS team, a dedicated group of over 100 individuals from 8 countries, is part of MetaKing Studios. With a passion for gaming and a focus on creating dynamic and enjoyable experiences, MetaKing Studios is committed to delivering a memorable journey in the world of BLOCKLORDS.
  • MetaKing Studios secured $15M in seed funding during a May 2022 round, led by Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, Delphi Digital, and other notable investors. The funding is being utilized for game development and an extensive marketing campaign for BLOCKLORDS.
  • BLOCKLORDS recently hosted a Community Beta where players had the opportunity to try out the game, provide feedback, and earn rewards. The top performers were rewarded with prizes such as a special Discord role, exclusive perks, etc. It's not too late to join the community and be a part of the beta testing process to earn a Hunter Hero and contribute to the ongoing.


Before we delve into the intricate gameplay mechanics and the world that awaits you, Let's set the stage to witness the sheer beauty and intensity of BLOCKLORDS in action.

Above all else, BLOCKLORDS places a strong emphasis on fun, aiming to create an unforgettable gaming experience that brings joy to players, while also building a sustainable and player-driven ecosystem that will endure for generations to come.

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At its core, BLOCKLORDS' gameplay revolves around four fundamental aspects: FARMing, engaging in thrilling FIGHTs, assuming the responsibility to RULE, and pursuing the path of CONQUERing.

1. Farm

  • Players will begin BLOCKLORDS as a Farmer unless they already own a character. They will then settle in regions ruled by Lords or Ladies.
  • Farmers in BLOCKLORDS are responsible for collecting, mining, processing, and refining materials into valuable currency.
  • They can generate profit by crafting superior items and buildings, trading them on the market, and collaborating with others for greater rewards.

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2. Fight

Players who seek a different path in BLOCKLORDS have the option to transition from being a Farmer to either a Knight or a Raider.

  • Raiders thrive on chaos and destruction, with the freedom to attack Farmers, steal resources, and cause mayhem. Although risky, strategic raiding can yield significant rewards.
  • Knights, on the other hand, pledge allegiance to a Lord, defending Farmers and villages against Raiders. By eliminating Raiders and protecting the realm, Knights can earn generous rewards and advance in rank.

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3. Rule

  • In BLOCKLORDS, successful players can ascend to ruling roles as Lords and Ladies.
  • As regional controllers, they have significant power and responsibilities, including collecting taxes, managing cities, and defending against threats.
  • Wise rulers balance resources, foster alliances, and understand the importance of Farmers and Knights in their success.

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4. Conquer

  • Players who conquer their path in BLOCKLORDS can ascend to the esteemed rank of King or Queen.
  • As rulers, they wield great power and face the weight of difficult decisions. Governing nations, engaging in realm-altering wars, and ruling over other players, they have the freedom to shape the world at the highest level, but must be prepared for the costs and sacrifices that come with it.

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BLOCKLORDS offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience with its focus on Farming, Fighting, Ruling, and Conquering. The game provides players with diverse paths to explore, from gathering resources and crafting valuable items to engaging in strategic battles and assuming leadership roles. With its dynamic mechanics and strategic depth, BLOCKLORDS offers players a captivating journey filled with choices and opportunities for growth.

Hero NFTs

Meet the first 10 legendary heroes!

  • In BLOCKLORDS, each player starts with their own unique Hero, minted as a digital asset belonging to them.
  • These Heroes have individual stats and traits, and as players progress, they'll have the opportunity to evolve them and shape their path.
  • Their chosen role in the game, whether it's a Farmer, Raider, Knight, Lord/Lady, or King/Queen, determines their gameplay choices and interactions.
  • The value of Hero is based on its utility within the asymmetrical economy of BLOCKLORDS, powered by web3 technology, offering a fair and innovative reward system for players.

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  • BLOCKLORDS features dedicated marketplaces on Immutable and Polygon blockchains, where players can buy and sell Heroes, adding depth and value to the game's player-driven economy.

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  • BLOCKLORDS also introduces the Dynasty system, allowing players to pass on these qualities to their descendants. Your descendants also become Heroes, carrying the legacy of their predecessors and offering new opportunities for growth and strategic choices within the game.

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The Dynasty system further enhances the value and longevity of Heroes by enabling players to pass on their unique traits and attributes to their descendants. This mechanic not only adds depth to the gameplay but also encourages players to invest time and effort into developing their Heroes for future generations.

Monetization Model

1. Play-to-Own Approach

  • BLOCKLORDS follows a Play-to-Own model that emphasizes the enjoyment of gameplay over financial incentives.
  • In-game assets, like heroes, are dynamic and develop as players progress, creating a sense of connection and value.
  • The player-driven narrative allows for a unique gaming experience shaped by player actions and decisions.

BLOCKLORDS' monetization model, based on the Play-to-Own approach, demonstrates a refreshing focus on the enjoyment of gameplay and player agency. By shifting away from a solely profit-driven model, the game fosters a deeper connection between players and their in-game assets. The dynamic nature of assets, coupled with the player-driven narrative, enhances the immersive and personalized experience.

2. Earning in the Game

  • BLOCKLORDS offers various opportunities to earn within the game.
  • Activities such as fighting bandits, winning battles, supporting allies, farming, and trading can generate earnings.
  • Heroes in BLOCKLORDS are valuable economic assets that can be sold on marketplaces like Immutable X.
  • Players can import heroes, participate in battles to conquer territory, level up their heroes, and sell them on different marketplaces.
  • BLOCKLORDS provides a player-owned economy, enabling players to monetize their achievements and derive real value from their in-game experiences.

In terms of earning opportunities, BLOCKLORDS provides a diverse range of activities through which players can generate income. From battling enemies and supporting allies to farming and trading, players have multiple avenues to earn within the game. The inclusion of valuable Heroes as economic assets further incentivizes players to engage in strategic gameplay and develop their characters.

Overall, BLOCKLORDS' monetization model strikes a balance between rewarding player engagement and providing opportunities for financial gains. By prioritizing fun and player agency, while offering diverse earning avenues, BLOCKLORDS sets itself apart as a game that not only entertains but also empowers its player community.

Partners & Investors

  • Industry giants such as Square Enix, Krafton, Fun Plus, Makers Fund, and BITKRAFT have collectively invested $15 million in BLOCKLORDS seed-stage funding.
  • Forbes recognizes BLOCKLORDS as "The Next-Gen Game That Big Players & Game Investors Are Backing," highlighting its significance in the gaming industry.
  • Other prominent partners include Animoca Brands, Polygon, Morning Star Ventures, Spartan, Yield Guild, Shima Capital, Huobi Ventures, Polkastarter, and many other renowned names.

These partnerships and investments are a testament to BLOCKLORDS' promising future and demonstrate the confidence of industry leaders in its success.

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BLOCKLORDS is an exciting blockchain-based strategy game set in a medieval world. With its player-driven economy, NFT heroes, and partnerships with industry giants, BLOCKLORDS has gained significant attention and investment.

The Play to Own model and the Dynasty system add depth and value to the gameplay, allowing players to truly own and shape their in-game experiences. With the upcoming release of BLOCKLORDS 2, the game is set to improve and expand with enhanced mechanics and a more captivating gameplay experience.

As blockchain gaming continues to evolve, BLOCKLORDS is positioned to thrive as a pioneer in the space, combining strategy, RPG elements, and NFTs. With its strong foundation and dedicated player base, BLOCKLORDS has a promising future ahead as it sets the standard for future strategy games in the blockchain gaming industry.

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