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RTFKT: The Metaverse’s Next Supreme in the Fashion Industry
RTFKT was founded in early 2020 by three veterans, Benoit Pagotto, Steven Valisev and Chris Le, whose experiences intertwined between gaming, fashion and branding. They came together and shared a vision to push the boundaries of fashion to the next level. In less than two years of operation, RTFKT was able to secure a total of $9.5 million in VC funding, including an $8 million seed round from renowned investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Galaxy Digital, Larry Warsh, and Ledger.
Feb 01 2023
Web3 Gaming and NFT Market Report 2022
The 2022 crypto market has endured a harsh correction amidst the wider global downturn in traditional equities and other assets. Rising interest rates intended to curb inflation have led investors to decrease their exposure to risk-on assets, including cryptocurrencies. Venture capital funding in those sectors has also cooled off, to some extent, except for Web3 gaming, which is proving to be a major contributor to the expansion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world. There is plent
Dec 22 2022
Polygon: A Game Changer for Web3 Gaming and NFTs
When it comes to choosing a scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon is among the top choices for builders and investors. Polygon, previously known as Matic Network, is a layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum that aims to serve as Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains (like Cosmos and Polkadot), providing child chains for transactions to reduce the load on the Ethereum parent chain. The rebrand shifted Polygon's focus to exclusively serve as a scaling solution for Ethereum.
Feb 27 2023
Bitcoin Ordinals: Satoshi’s Unexplored NFT Frontier
Bitcoin Ordinals, a new form of NFTs, have emerged on the Bitcoin network, thanks to technological upgrades like SegWit and Taproot, which allowed for the creation of ordinals by inscribing data on satoshis within a transaction.
Apr 12 2023
Treasure: The $MAGIC of Interconnected Gaming Metaverses
Interoperability perhaps is one of the most groundbreaking concepts that players and game developers have long anticipated for years. Imagine a scenario in which assets from game A can be seamlessly transferred and utilized in game B, fostering cross-game interactions and a more unified gaming ecosystem filled with endless possibilities. Treasure has embraced this idea at its very core and pursued a vision to cast magic into an interconnected metaverse of games. By bridging various gaming worlds, Treasure aims to create a truly immersive experience for players across different game universes.
May 25 2023
Ronin: Empowering Gaming Samurai in the Blockchain Battlefield
Sky Mavis (SM) just makes a comeback in 2023! From the debut of their hit game Axie Infinity Origins on Apple's App Store to the recent launch of the NFT marketplace Mavis Market, all of the positive news began to go in SM’s favour in 1H 2023. The spotlight is on SM’s blockchain, Ronin, with all eyes following the exciting on-chain activities, making it a highly discussed topic on Twitter in the past weeks.
Jun 13 2023
Game Analysis: The Beacon
The Beacon, a fantasy action roguelite RPG in development, offers players a free-to-play experience. Each playthrough presents a different dungeon where they engage in battles and maneuver through menacing monsters and dangerous environment traps to hone their combat skills and refine their playing styles. It requires time and practice for players to sharpen their reflexes and master real-time challenges.
Aug 04 2023
ERC-6551: A New Enhancement For Gaming and NFT Projects
Do you know that your idle NFT can transform into a wallet? Thanks to the newly introduced ERC-6551 standard, NFTs can evolve into a fully operational Ethereum account that can trade tokens, own assets and interact with dApps in the Ethereum ecosystem. Explore the exciting features of ERC-6551 ????
Sep 21 2023
An Overview of Arbitrum’s Gaming Landscape
We are entering the gaming Layer 2 (L2) war. Driven by the demand for the fastest and cheapest transactions, L2 chains are competing to attract game developers to build games within their ecosystem. With roughly $5.2 billion worth of TVL, Arbitrum (One + Nova) is currently the largest L2 scaling solution and outsizing other L2 peers. Since Arbitrum was one of the early adopters of optimistic rollups, it has been a go-to plac e for DeFi projects to be built upon.
Sep 29 2023