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Research Analyst
A flow of light that pours into the world. Like a candle whose flame may light another without diminishing its own. She seeks not only creation, but purpose. A flare of pure intent that blossoms from the heart of existence and out into the world. Her energy brings with it a desire for knowledge. She is the force that churns all the potential from higher emanations into a form that can be received by our consciousness..
ERC-4907: Making Web3 NFT Marketplace More Efficient
NFTs have seen a surge in popularity with expanded functionality and asset utility followed the development of GameFi. From a simple avatar jpeg, NFTs are now getting closer to real-world “goods or services”, as they aid in the creation of virtual communities and digital economies to further their usability. Other than being able to trade, lend and mortgage, the transfer of use value can also be achieved through leasing.
Dec 15 2022
Esports to Bring a Competitive Edge to GameFi
The esports industry is booming, with revenues exceeding $1 billion in the last few years. During this same period, blockchain-based gaming has been rapidly evolving and innovating on standard industry practices, especially in terms of tokenized in-game economies and player rewards. From play-to-earn, free-to-play-to-earn, to move-to-earn, some projects are taking things further still by integrating blockchain games into the eSports space. The hope is that combining GameFi and esports will deliver more competitive game modes for players while ensuring security, fairness, and new economic models enabled by decentralized blockchains.
Dec 15 2022
Blockchain Gaming Unlocks the Full Potential of User-Generated Content
User-generated content (UGC) was around long before the term was coined yet it only entered the mainstream in 2005 and covers a wide range of digital media on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Wikipedia, and video games. Platforms that embrace UGC typically provide a space for open collaboration and flexible licensing agreements to reduce the barriers to content creation and discovery. UGC includes any form of content that is posted by users on online platforms such as images, GIFs, videos, text, music, in-game characters, in-game modifications, etc.
Dec 15 2022
MetalCore is a futuristic, free-to-play, first-person/third-person multiplayer vehicular shooter powered by towering mechs, armored tanks, and high-flying jets fighting for dominance in large-scale battles. MetalCore takes place on the mineral-rich alien planet ‘Kerberos’ ravaged by war fought amongst three powerful factions. Play includes cooperative PvE as well as online PvP 50v50 mega-battles. In between battles you can roam freely as a lone wolf or cooperatively with others in an expanding sandbox map.
Sep 24 2022
Web3 Gaming and NFT Market Report 2022
The 2022 crypto market has endured a harsh correction amidst the wider global downturn in traditional equities and other assets. Rising interest rates intended to curb inflation have led investors to decrease their exposure to risk-on assets, including cryptocurrencies. Venture capital funding in those sectors has also cooled off, to some extent, except for Web3 gaming, which is proving to be a major contributor to the expansion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world. There is plent
Dec 22 2022
When AI Sparks into Web3 Games & Metaverse
Along with the massive growth of the Internet from the 1990s until now, various innovative technologies have been created to bring users breathtaking experiences through virtual interactions in cyberspace. Among such technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to play an important role in processing big data to enhance immersive experience in our everyday lives over the last decade.
Jan 02 2023
Game Engines: Driving the Future of Gaming
Gaming generated $180 billion in revenue in 2020 and is expected to be worth over 200 billion USD by 2023. An underlying factor powering much of this success is the proliferation of reliable, accessible, and full-featured gaming engines. These tools reduce the complexity of game development, and they’ve empowered millions of developers to create visually stunning worlds, tell impactful stories, and immerse players in new universes.
Jan 24 2023
OccupyWallStreet (OWS), is a Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn top-down shooter with PvE and PvP modes built on Solana. It is a first-of-its-kind metaverse game that takes inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street movement & the financial showdowns between retail traders & larger financial institutions in 2020/2021.
Sep 24 2022
Chain of Alliance
Leveraging Chromia’s high interoperability, Chain of Alliance has a unique system of players, landowners, and creators within an RPG Multiverse; thus it has the potential to bring real value and use cases to the idea of openness within blockchain games.
Sep 24 2022