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Weekly Highlights

Web3 Gaming and NFTs Weekly Highlights

Latest updates: Jul 24 2023

Headliner of the Week

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“For the culture" - Opepen Threadition

News Highlights

  • Genopets' new Crafting Season One brings fifteen new Augment styles, fifteen cosmetic crystals, and three Energy Boosts. Set bonuses are introduced, providing various stat boosts. However, 150 original crafting items are now uncraftable, becoming potential collector's items.
  • The Sandbox is opening its doors for user-created content, allowing anyone to publish their gaming or social experiences. Creators can charge fees or use NFT ownership for access. These public experiences will be discoverable on the main map and shareable via direct links.
  • Axie Infinity introduces Dynamic NFTs with a new experience and leveling system. Players can earn Axie Experience Points (AXP) by playing the game, allowing higher level Axies to upgrade their body parts. The system went live on July 18th, 2023.
  • Alterverse introduces SkyReign Immortal, a new PFP collection with 9,999 NFTs. Holders can own, create, and monetize storefronts in Sky City. Whitelist minting starts on August 19th for $50, and the public pre-mint begins on September 5th at $99. The remaining NFTs will be available during Sky City's open beta.

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Project Spotlight


Proof has launched Mythics, a new project within the Moonbirds ecosystem. Over 200 days, a total of 20,000 Mythics will be gradually revealed, with 100 new additions daily. Mythics aims to expand Moonbirds' storytelling through art and technology, providing the community with a unique experience that links to the Proof ecosystem.

Mythics holders will not only own the PFP's intellectual property rights but also gain access to exclusive Proof releases, art installations, and events. They will become members of the Lunar Society, Moonbirds' entrepreneurial wing, allowing them to propose and vote on projects for endorsement.

NFTs Buzz

  • LootRush is revolutionizing NFT rentals by creating a centralized repository of NFTs available for rent to anyone, without the need for KYC or credit card verification. Players can now easily rent NFTs from various web3 games, making it possible due to the technology of web3 gaming.
  • Doodles will partner with Camp to launch an immersive in-person experience on August 19th. The 3,500-square-foot venue will bring the Doodles World to life, featuring a "Stoodio," Space Doodles crash site, 12-foot-tall daisies, and more.
  • Louis Vuitton's iconic Speedy bag gets a modern twist as the Speedy 40 VIA, created in collaboration with Pharrell, is introduced as a digital collectible. The physical version will be released in January 2024. The Speedy 40 VIA is exclusively available to Treasure Trunk NFT holders, LV's access token from June.
  • NARS Cosmetics is set to release a new NFT collection on July 31, in honor of National Orgasm Day. The collection features Ethereum digital artworks inspired by the company's iconic "Orgasm" makeup shade. The NFTs will be auctioned on the SuperRare platform, with initial bids starting on July 25 for the "Orgasm, Activated" pieces.
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Ronin: Empowering Gaming Samurai in the Blockchain Battlefield
Sky Mavis (SM) just makes a comeback in 2023! From the debut of their hit game Axie Infinity Origins on Apple's App Store to the recent launch of the NFT marketplace Mavis Market, all of the positive news began to go in SM’s favour in 1H 2023. The spotlight is on SM’s blockchain, Ronin, with all eyes following the exciting on-chain activities, making it a highly discussed topic on Twitter in the past weeks.
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Treasure: The $MAGIC of Interconnected Gaming Metaverses
Interoperability perhaps is one of the most groundbreaking concepts that players and game developers have long anticipated for years. Imagine a scenario in which assets from game A can be seamlessly transferred and utilized in game B, fostering cross-game interactions and a more unified gaming ecosystem filled with endless possibilities. Treasure has embraced this idea at its very core and pursued a vision to cast magic into an interconnected metaverse of games. By bridging various gaming worlds, Treasure aims to create a truly immersive experience for players across different game universes.
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Blur: Efficiency in the NFT Market
Blur is a NFT marketplace aggregator that has quickly become a leading player in the space, consistently dethroning OpenSea in volume. The team behind Blur consists of talent from organizations such as MIT and Citadel, and the platform is backed by crypto venture firm Paradigm. Blur’s seed round raised a total of $11 million with participation from notable figures in the NFT and crypto space such as Punk 6529, Cozomo de’ Medici, and Zeneca.
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