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Latest updates: Dec 27 2022



Project Highlights

  • Skyweaver is a Free-to-play cross-platform NFT trading card game, built by the world-class team at Horizon. All team members have extensive experience in technology and building, especially in the blockchain & gaming industry. Some previous companies: NuLayer, Pressly, Ubisoft, IBM, McKiensey, Ethereum ecosystem, WB Games, 0xprotocol, ConsenSys, and Ripio.

  • Low financial incentives (no token), puts a strong focus on gameplay, art, and overall user experience, all of which are excellent. Through battling opponents, players win cards they may trade to gain income. Thus, we expect there to be a high level of competition among users.

  • NIFTYSWAP - Skyweaver’s AMM creates a robust and healthy player-owned economy. High liquidity makes winning tradable duplicate cards just as rewarding as winning new cards.

  • The community currently has 250k+ players created accounts and 98k members on Discord, 24k followers on Twitter.

  • Horizon Blockchain Games announced they raised a $40 million Series A at an undisclosed valuation from a group of investors led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital. The round also included traditional gaming companies Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft, notable VCs such as BITKRAFT and Initialized Capital, web3 companies such as Polygon and Everyrealm, and influential web3 founders such as Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) and Aleks Larsen (Sky Mavis). Horizon previously raised $4.5 million in 2021 at an $89.5 million valuation.

  • We expect casual players will choose to reinvest most of their game earnings. Collectible cards are interesting as a niche asset class, but most gamers will be more interested in their in-game utility and will enjoy holding onto them as mementos.

  • Renewed interest in popular collectibles has driven up valuations of the rarest physical trading cards to several hundred thousand dollars. Imagine how much trading cards could appreciate as easily-tradable NFTs!

    Figure 1: Card Battler Overview

  • Trading card games offer players friendly competition and a sense of triumph. We all remember how satisfying it feels to build the "perfect" deck— not just for the result, but the process of achieving it.


Skyweaver is a Free-to-play cross-platform card game in which players may own, trade, and gift their cards. Players earn tradable NFT cards for using strategic combinations to win the game. This is a next-gen, blockchain-based evolution of the massively trading popular card games we grew up with such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.


Each player has a deck of cards and one hero to represent them. The objective is to use your cards to defeat the enemy Hero and claim victory.

Figure 2: Actual Gameplay of Skyweaver

 ???? Skyweaver has a very good rating on the Appstore, as well as some highly favorable and insightful comments about the game, with an emphasis on gameplay rather than token-related questions.

Figure 3: Skyweaver rating & reviews on AppStore

Card Tiers (NFTs)

Skyweaver has 3 levels of cards: Base, Silver, and Gold.

  • Base: These are not tradable. They are tied to your Skyweaver account and are acquired by leveling up. All Base cards can be unlocked entirely for FREE.
  • Silver: These are tradable. They can be won via Ranked Rewards and Conquest.
  • Gold: These are also tradable, and can only be won via Conquest.
  • Silver and Gold cards (NFTs) do not offer any gameplay advantage over Base cards. The key differentiators between card grades are their cosmetics, tradability, supply, and how they’re created and acquired.

Figure 4: Skyweaver Card tiers and liquidity

???? Horizon will provide an initial supply of 40 copies per Silver card starting at ~1.5 USDC each and will also provide 25 copies per Gold card starting at ~10 USDC each to the Market.

Game Economy - Niftyswap

  • Skyweaver aims to create a decentralized economy, what they call a player-owned economy.
  • Using Niftyswap as an AMM that runs on the Skyweaver platform. The price of cards is automatically calculated based on the number of cards and USDC added to the pool. When an owner adds a card to the Niftyswap reserve, they must also add another token like USDC. By doing so, the card owner creates a pairing. If the particular item has yet to be added to Niftyswap, the first person to do so determines how much USDC they would like to pair their item with.

Figure 5: How Skyweaver Market works

  • For example, let's say someone adds 10 Starfield cards and 10 USDC. The price is automatically calculated based on the ratio between the two tokens types. So in this scenario, the price starts at ~1.00 USD (see image above). Since anyone can add to the Niftyswap reserve, someone else can later add another 5 Starfields and 5 USDC without affecting this ratio. They cannot, however, add 5 Starfields and 2 USDC since this would change the current ratio, which would affect the price.

Figure 6: Niftyswap Mechanism


  • The strength of this model is that the whole system will develop extremely sustainably and strongly when it attracts a large number of loyal players.
  • High liquidity with Niftyswap means that winning a duplicate is still rewarding and exciting, like winning new one.


  • 7% marketplace fee for each transaction.

How to EARN

You have to play Ranked or Conquest mode to earn Cards.

Figure 7: Differences between Conquest and Ranked

???? The Silver card NFTs used to enter Conquest will be burned.

Gold Cards

  • You have to get 3 wins in Conquest mode to earn Gold Cards.

  • Every week, there will be 8 Gold cards that can be won via Conquest.

    Figure 8: Rewards for Conquest mode

Silver Cards (2 methods)

  1. Win weekly Ranked Rewards.
  2. Win games in Conquest Mode.
  • Top 250 on leaderboards will be rewarded.
  • 2 different leaderboards: Discovery & Constructed.
  • For 1 week of gameplay:
    • Maximum earnings: 14 Silver cards ~21 USDC.
    • Minimum earnings: 1 Silver card ~1.5 USDC.
Ranked Silver Cards
1st Place 7 cards
2nd & 3rd 6 cards
4th - 6th 5 cards
7th - 12th 4 cards
13th - 22nd 3 cards
23rth - 50th 2 cards
51st - 250th 1 card

Figure 9: Silver card rewards in Conquest mode


  • Founded in 2017 and based in Toronto, Canada, Horizon is driving web3 products with blockchain technology and is backed by some of the most brilliant and visionary VCs in the world. All team members have extensive experienced in technology and building, especially in blockchain & gaming industry.
  • Horizon Blockchain Games announced they raised a $40 million Series A at an undisclosed valuation from a group of investors led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital. The round also included traditional gaming companies Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft, notable VCs such as BITKRAFT and Initialized Capital, web3 companies such as Polygon and Everyrealm, and influential web3 founders such as Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) and Aleks Larsen (Sky Mavis). Horizon previously raised $4.5 million in 2021 at an $89.5 million valuation.

More detailed: https://horizon.io/about

Figure 10: Partners and Investors of Horizon

Figure 11: Horizon team members

  • Peter Kieltyka: Co-founder + CEO
  • William Hua: Co-founder + Chief Scientist
    • Formerly part of Canonical/Ubuntu’s Desktop Team.
    • 13 years’ experience as a software engineer in gaming, architecture and apps.
  • Ian Ha: Co-founder + Head of Operations
    • 18 years of software engineering experience.
    • Previous Company: Affinity Systems Inc, Vestwell.
  • Daniel Racca: Co-founder + Head of Design
    • Ex- UX Designer for Mailbird.
  • Micheal Sanders: Co-founder + Chief Storyteller
    • Co-founded a clean energy startup
    • Acted as VP of ClearMedia advertising agency
    • Authored the best-selling Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment.


See below for social channel statistics of other prominent Cards games, compared with those of Skyweaver (data as of April 29rd, 2022):

  Twitter Discord Telegram
Skyweaver  24K 98K -
Splinterlands  58.6K 119.9K 23.6K
CryptoSpells  33K - -

Figure 12: Social channel statistics of Skyweaver and other prominent Cards games (source: Twitter, SparkToro, Discord, Telegram)

Discord: 98k members, 4k Beta Weavers

  • The community on Discord is very active and supportive — members always look to answer each others’ questions instead of relying on an administrator to respond.
  • We rarely see the community members asking about the game’s token release.
  • There is active exchanging of decks and cards and a lot of discussion around the pros and cons of each card.
  • They also have livestreams, which allow community members to share gameplay tactics with one another and learn more about the game together.

Figure 13: Diverse activities on Skyweaver Discord server

Twitter: 24K followers; average 20-30 engagements/post.

Twitch: 2.5K followers; average 100-120 views/ video.

  • Topic:
    • 70% game announcement, new updates.
    • 30% gameplays, tips & tricks.

Furthermore, Skyweaver hosted plenty of tournaments to scout talent while leveraging the competition aspect and stimulating players’ strategy formation skills.

Skyweaver 2022 Recap

  • First major expansion (release new cards and traits event): Clash of Inventors, and its following mini-sets, preparing the game for the Hexbound Invasion, scheduled for January 2023.

  • Hero Skins: Players using a Legacy Hero skin will receive 25% more Conquest points while completing matches in Conquest.

    How to get hero skin?

    Every Hero skin requires 10 Gold cards and X amount of USDC to mint. The amount required will start at 20 USDC and increase exponentially each time 10 skins are minted. Therefore, if a lot of skins exist, minting a new one will come with a higher USDC minting fee.

  • Skyweaver x Opensea have collaborated on the Community Gold Card drop. Only the top 500 ranking preseason players will be eligible for the drops. Furthermore, all the revenue generated from this exclusive drop on OpenSea’s marketplace will fund future Skyweaver community tournaments and other special events.

  • New features: Spectate Mode, Replays, Guilds, Sandbox Mode & Lethal Puzzles for content creation; and lastly, APIs for partners and those wanting to contribute to Skyweaver.

Details: https://www.skyweaver.net/images/patch/other/dev_roadmap_2022_low.png

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