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Game Analysis

Nyan Heroes

Latest updates: Dec 28 2022



Project Highlights

  • Nyan Heroes (NH) is a 3rd person NFT shooter built on Solana. Players can collect Nyans and their robot mechs and earn rewards through PVP battles in the NH metaverse game world. Players can play for free in PvE mode, but their experience and progress will be limited without owning and upgrading their own NFT characters.
  • By adopting a hybrid algorithmic model similar to Frax, Nyan Heroes is able to adjust the collateralization ratio of $CTNP between $USDC reserves and $NYN token. This adjustable collateralization ratio adds to the stability of $CTNP.
  • Nyan Heroes has built a solid community with 53.8K Twitter followers, 84.9K Discord members and 4K Telegram members.
  • In October 2021, Nyan Heroes raised $2.5M in a seed round led by Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital and DeFiance Capital. The round was joined by notable angels including Kevin Lin (Twitch), Thomas Vu (Riot Games), Jihan Wu (Matrixport), Darren Lau (The Daily Ape) and MrBlock. On May 9, Nyan Heroes announced a $7.5M strategic investment round at a valuation of $100M with Kosmos Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Shima Capital, Petrock Capital and other investors. Angels in the round include Joel Madden, A$AP Lou, Arnold Poernomo, DataDash, CryptoLark, CAGYJAN, Sol Legend, and Koroush.
  • The team is made up of 40+ talents from gaming, news media, and the cryptocurrency industries. Experienced in community building, crypto native projects, and AAA game production companies at Ubisoft, EA, and Riot, the Nyan Heroes team is one of the most experienced in the GameFi ecosystem. Thus, NH has the potential to deliver a high-quality game that brings many more people to the world of crypto gaming.
  • The collection of 11,111 Genesis Nyan NFTs was minted on Nov 08, 2021 at 3 $SOL. The current floor price is 3.8 $SOL. The total volume sits at 66.6K $SOL and they currently have listed total of 106 NFTs on Magic Eden.
  • NH has partnered with IQ Protocol to offer in-game renting & lending of Nyan NFTs for owners to earn passive income.
  • The game donates a portion of all revenue to a network of animal-rescue charities. Last December, Nyan Heroes donated $250K to Best Friends Animal Society to save real cats— so players can literally become a Nyan’s hero by playing Nyan Heroes!
  • With the support of their community, Nyan Heroes decided to postpone its $NYN public sale & IDO to a later date when market conditions are more favorable. The team is still committed to several other milestones, including the highly anticipated gameplay demo which they just recently released.

Figure 1: Nekovia concept art


  • Nyan Heroes is a 3rd person NFT shooter built on Solana. In Nyan Heroes, players will collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robot mechs as NFTs and battle in a post-apocalyptic world that blends lo-fi and cyberpunk aesthetics. The main environment is a battle royale arena featuring high-quality 3D graphics, fully optimized for lower-end consoles. Being one of the first 3rd person NFT shooters, Nyan Heroes is expected to deliver a uniquely satisfying experience to players, especially those who appreciate the social and irreverent experience of games like Fortnite.
  • Players will automatically participate in the game economy by collecting tokens as rewards for completing tasks, winning battles, and progressing in adventure mode. Players will also be able to mint more Nyans, clone their Guardian Robots, collect rare and unique weapons and skins, and trade them all as NFTs in the game’s marketplace.


  • In the fictional world of Eden, players will control their own Guardian Mechs piloted by adorable Nyan Heroes in PvE and PvP battles, and fight along Nekovia citizens and other Nyans to earn $CTNP.
  • Nyan Heroes offers 4 modes:
    • PvE Adventure Mode: Players progress level by level in single player or co-op mode by journeying through Nekovia and defeating formidable adversaries.
    • PvP Battle Royale Mode: The post-apocalyptic civilization of Nekovia is made up of lush woods, desolate wilds, and poisonous wetlands, with the capital city at its core. Players can team up and square off in intense battle royale combat. Players sort their arsenals before each game, coordinating with their team to determine the best tactics. Owning various types of Nyans and robots allows players to take down unprepared squads more easily.
    • RPG Mode: Players can creatively employ elements of real-world economies, either in Nekovia itself or the neighboring city of Inusha. This mode allows players maximum freedom in how they wish to participate in the game’s player-based economy.
    • Guild Mode: Players can create their own guild or join another, after which they can complete guild-only tasks including quests, missions, and raids for additional rewards.

By offering multiple game modes, Nyan Heroes lets players enjoy a variety of both casual and competitive types of gameplay in solo or multiplayer format, although multiplayer is definitely encouraged. Nyan Heroes is committed to delivering a high-quality product with a welcoming ecosystem for different kinds of gamers.


  • Nyan Heroes announced its NFT Presale on Oct 16, 2021 with a collection of 5,500 NFTs out of 11,111 Genesis Nyan NFTs. This sale lasted 3 weeks. The public sale started on Nov 8, 2021 for their remaining 5,100 Genesis Nyans and any unclaimed Nyans from the Presale at the price of 3 $SOL. As of May 17, 2022, the floor price is 8.77 $SOL, with a return of 2.92 times the mint price. The total volume sits at 53.5K and there are currently around 92 NFTs listed, in total.
  • The team also released the NFT Staking Expeditions program to reward Genesis Nyan holders with $CTNP. They will distribute up to $1.5 million in rewards over the next six months through this program. More about this program can be found on their Medium here.

1. Nyans

  • There are only 11,111 Genesis Nyans with varying levels of rarity.
  • The owners of Genesis Nyans hold a limited edition Nyan Heroes Avatar NFT with a Genesis ID tag that affords these utilities:
    • A limited edition PFP
    • Early access to beta tests
    • Access to exclusive airdrops and land sales
    • The right to create their own origin story behind the hero. The team will work to permanently record these stories on chain at a later date.
    • A single-mint pass to claim 2 Genesis Guardian NFTs
  • Users can now purchase Nyan NFTs on Solanart, Magic Eden and OpenSea.

Figure 2: Nyans collection on marketplace

Figure 3: Nyan NFTs monthly market statistics (moonly)

2. Guardians

  • Each Nyan in the game can call forth a Guardian, which are mighty allies in the fight against the Elementals. Each Guardian is different and will be assigned unique robot parts when summoned.
  • Genesis Guardians’ rarity ranges from common to legendary. The wallet that holds a Genesis Nyan NFT will be airdropped a token to mint a Genesis Guardian for free.
  • Legendary Genesis Guardians will not be able to be minted via normal means in-game, and thus will be incredibly limited and scarce.
  • Players who play the game using a Genesis Guardian will receive an increased amount of $CTNP and rewards for their activities. Players who are free players who do not own a Guardian NFT will receive a decreased amount of CTNP and other rewards for their activities. The amount of $CTNP and rewards that players receive will essentially scale with the rarity of the Guardian.
  • Guardians will have 9 different classes, each with their own unique abilities to deploy in battle.
Classes Features & Abilities
Warrior - Average speed and health
- Excels at a mix of frontline and attack
- Activates 'Blade Dance’ (an ability that blocks incoming projectiles, stores up the accumulated energy and releases it forward)
Defender - Slow to move but can take a hit
- Withstand the strongest attacks and soak damage
- Activates 'Plasma Shield’ (a giant shield spanning multiple unit widths in a convex shape in front of players)
Brawler - Slower than average speed with additional bulk
- Activates 'Blood Thirst’ (a temporary, frenzied state, applying a speed boost and lifesteal effect)
Assassin - Fast but fragile
- Activates 'Shadow Step’ (stealth movement)
Sniper - Fast but fragile
- Activates 'Hookshot’ (rapidly moves from position to position)
Medic - High speed and survivability
- Activates 'Revitalize' (a small drone that follows the target and provides a constant small amount of regeneration as well as a small shield)
Scout - Fast and slightly fragile
- Activates 'Ricochet" (shoot a bouncing arrow into an unknown area)
Mechanic - Slower but tanky
- Activates 'Sentry' (places a sentry unit on any surface)

- A balanced Guardian
- Activates 'Rocket Jump' (launch Guardian high into the sky at the cost of small damage)
- Ultimate ability 'Multi-Missile’

Table 1: Guardians' classes and features

  • The variable parts of a Guardian include:
Variations Features
Right hand - Determines the overall class of a Guardian based on the weapon equipped
Left hand - Determines the secondary ability
Back - Determines the ultimate ability of the Guardian, a strong unique move with a high cooldown timer

- Determines the passive ability of the Guardian that will be active at all times

Table 2: Guardians' variations and features

Figure 4: Guardians of Nyan Heroes

Additional Features

1. Fusion

Two base Guardian Mechs can be deconstructed via expenditure of $NYN and reconstructed to create a single, improved Guardian. This acts as a deflationary factor for the $NYN token.

2. Land

  • The limited supply of Land in Nekovia will be subdivided into 5 categories corresponding to Genesis Nyan rarities.
  • Land will be used to create guilds in the game. Each parcel of land will allow a certain number of guild members to join your guild.
  • Guilds will be able to share resources, allowing players or large entities to form scholarship programs in-game. Guilds will also be able to build various things on their land. The bigger and more active the guild is, the more bountiful the members’ rewards will be.

Figure 5: Concept art of land in Nekovia

3. Equipment

  • Guardian:
  • In PvP, all Guardian levels are reset to 1.
  • In PvE and content such as Giant Raids, the level of Guardian and its parts will play a vital role in success or failure.
  • Guardian parts can be leveled up and are intrinsically bound to your Guardian NFT, which means they cannot be detached nor traded individually on the marketplace.
  • Weapon: In PvE, players will be able to collect, craft and equip a primary and secondary weapon which then can be sold on the marketplace.


1. Token Utility

Nyan Heroes features a dual token system with $NYN, governance token, and $CTNP, stablecoin utility token.

$NYN (Governance token) $CTNP (Utility token)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $NYN Total supply: Infinite
Inflationary factors:
- PvP rewards
- Staking
Inflationary factors:
- PvP, PvE rewards
- Guild quests and raid rewards
Deflationary factors:
- In-game fees
- Governance
Deflationary factors:
- Level up gear and parts
- Create consumables from raw materials
- Purchase of rare cosmetic skins
- Fuse Guardians from lower rarities to higher rarities
- Player-based economy (marketplace trading)
- Mint new NFTs, characters and items

Table 3: $NYN and $CTNP

  • $CTNP is designed to be an in-game stablecoin, to ensure the long-term value of player rewards and purchases and the stability of the in-game economy.
  • The value of $CTNP will initially be fully collateralized by Nyan Heroes’s USDC reserves. When the user base and economy grow past a certain point, the plan is to switch $CTNP to a partially-backed algorithmic model using their $NYN token to maintain the peg.
  • Given the recent collapse of $UST, the plan to eventually shift $CTNP to a similar two-token, algorithmic model naturally warrants some concern. There are no details yet on how Nyan Heroes plans to handle the inherent risks that expose this model to attack.

2. Token Allocation

Figure 6: $NYN allocation

Figure 7: $NYN vesting schedule

Figure 8: Nyan Heroes roadmap


Nyan Heroes team has grown from 5 to over 40 members with two-thirds of the team coming from AAA game developers. With experience building global communities, launching crypto native projects, and designing AAA titles for Ubisoft, EA, and Riot, this team is capable of creating a high-quality product and building a supportive community.

Max Fu - Founder/Executive Producer/Head of Operations

  • 8 Years of Experience Building Community & Producing Media (Unicorn Pop).

Wengie - Founder/Director of Marketing/Growth Lead

  • 14 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking. Created communities of over 30 Million.

Tore Blystad - Creative Director

  • 20+ Years of Experience (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix , IO Interactive, Funcom).

Liam Wickham - Lead Producer

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Program Management, senior leadership and Game Production (Sony PlayStation, Wargaming, Sumo Digital).

Gideon Gyabaah - Lead Network Developer

  • 12 Years Experience (EA/Bioware, Ubisoft, THQ).

Haluk Diriker - Lead Game Designer

  • 23 Years Experience (Funcom, Crytek, Bongfish).

Emmanuel Alzaga - Lead 3D Artist

  • 12 Years of Experience (Enchanted Kingdom, Ubisoft, Great Hall Games).

Nayef Zarrour - Lead, Web3 Operations

  • 12 Years of operational and product experience (KPMG).

Partners & Investors

  • In October 2021, Nyan Heroes closed its $2.5 million seed round led by Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, and DeFiance Capital. It was joined by notable angels including Kevin Lin (Twitch), Thomas Vu (Riot Games), Jihan Wu (Matrixport), Darren Lau (The Daily Ape) and MrBlock.
  • On May 9, 2022, the team announced a $7.5M strategic investment round at a valuation of $100 million. The funding round included participation from Kosmos Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Shima Capital, and Petrock Capital. Additional investors also include Morningstar Ventures, 32-bit Ventures, Crypto.com, Tess Ventures, Master Ventures, Wave7, Ancient8, Drops Ventures, Andromeda Capital, Salad Ventures, Moonchain Capital and Snackclub. Angels in the round include Joel Madden, A$AP Lou, Arnold Poernomo, DataDash, CryptoLark, CAGYJAN, Sol Legend, and Koroush.
  • With strong support from prominent VCs and individuals, Nyan Heroes has all the backing it needs to achieve steady growth.

Figure 9: Nyan Heroes partners

Figure 10-11: Nyan Heroes investors


  • The comparison of Nyan Heroes social statistics to other prominent NFT games is displayed below.

  Twitter Inactive followers Discord Telegram
Nyan Heroes 55K 17.8% 85K 4K
Undead Blocks 50K 35.3% 25K 4K
Universe Island 73.4K 30.3% 16.8K 47K
Arsenal 73.2K 23.8% 1.7K 19.6K
The Killbox Game 112K 35.3% 8.2K 55K

Table 4: Social media statistics of Nyan Heroes and other prominent projects (Twitter, SparkToro, Discord, Telegram)

  • Nyan Heroes has organized many activities to attract users and engage their community, from airdrops/incentive events to ambassadors or NFT Staking Expedition programs with exclusive rewards. Other than this, the team has regular updates about the gameplay and in-game characters on social networks, so that users can track the progress of the project in each stage of development.
  • After closing their strategic round, Nyan Heroes will use the capital to expand the team and introduce millions of traditional gamers to the blockchain ecosystem via their battle royale game, an already familiar, popular, and modern game genre. The project will also use part of the funds for community outreach and marketing with a focus on providing thought leadership and resources to support the traditional gaming community’s adoption of Web3 gaming.
  • In addition to Nyan Heroes development goals, the studio and team will keep supporting various charities, with an ambitious goal of saving 1 billion cats. Last December, Nyan Heroes donated $250K to Best Friends Animal Society, has run a series of collaborative charity auctions on Magic Eden with other Solana NFT projects such as Aurory, Portals, and Degen Apes. 100% of the proceeds from each auction will be going to a nominated charity to help support worthy causes.
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