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Latest updates: Dec 15 2022



Project Highlights

  • Tatsumeeko is a multi-chain MMORPG (starting on Solana and Ethereum) built on the Tatsu.GG Gaming Bot in Discord, with 1.44M Discord communities integrated and 62M users. Tatsumeeko offers a combination of Casual, Adventure, and MMO gameplay through automatic PvE/PvP combat and social activities.
  • Tatsumeeko applies a dual token economy with $MKLN, the governance token and $IGS, the utility token. Tatsu incentivizes long-term players to reinvest their earned $IGS utility token with various utilities and benefits. $MKLN utility is currently limited to governance activities, and we shall see if more use cases will be added.
  • Although Tatsumeeko is still in its early stages, the team has organically gathered an impressive community of 93K members on Discord and 5.6K followers on Twitter.
  • Tatsumeeko has completed its $7.5M seed funding round, co-led by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Ventures and BITKRAFT Ventures with the participation of other prominent entities including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Dialectic, Mechanism Capital, Folius Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Coinhako, GuildFi, Mintable, SnackClub, Ancient8, Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Avocado DAO and a high-profile board of angel investors and advisors.
  • The Tatsumeeko proof-of-concept reached 62K MAU, over 4.7M virtual goods traded, generating over $369K in micro-transactions.
  • The Tatsumeeko team consists of David Lim (CEO), Benson Chua (CTO) and other veterans in virtual community building who’ve already had great success with Tatsu.GG.
  • The public mint for the Meekolony genesis NFTs took place on December 24, 2021 and sold out in 9 minutes with a return of roughly 3.8 times (as of May 13, 2022) on Magic Eden and OpenSea (initial price: 0.5 $SOL).
  • Tapping into the preexisting user base of Tatsu.GG, Tatsumeeko is already integrated into the popular Discord communities of PewDiePie, Davie504, Moistcr1tikal, Mobile Legends, Team Liquid, and the fan clubs of Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and Hololive Fan Server.
  • In an increasingly crowded GameFi landscape, Tatsumeeko offers a breath of fresh air by focusing on the socializing power of Discord servers. Backed by a veteran team, and a built-in fanbase from Tatsu.GG, Tatsumeeko has all of its potential to become a highly influential GameFi project and community-building platform for other organizations by eliminating the pressure of rewards to attract users.


Awaken the Web3 version of yourself

GameFi pioneers continue to reach new milestones as projects steadily grow to serve millions of users. However, widespread adoption of GameFi has recently slowed due to the market conditions and because the social and entertainment value of blockchain gaming has yet to be fully unlocked. Tatsumeeko, with its goal to “grow communities and strengthen worldly relationships” has the potential to build a bridge between the current iteration of GameFi and the emerging Metaverse.

Tatsumeeko is a multi-chain Metaverse MMORPG game starting from the Solana and Ethereum blockchain. In the pixelated fantasy world of Ielia, adventurers may battle, engage in social activities and build their communities through diverse game modes and characters. Built on top of Tatsu.GG, a renowned Discord gaming application, Tatsumeeko aims to expand to other platforms such as QQ, WeChat, Telegram on Android, iOS, Discord and Web, capitalizing on the synergy between gaming and socialization.


Figure 1: Tatsumeeko Overview

Users are able to join their community and play Tatsumeeko for free and earn several kinds of rewards for investing their time and effort.

While technical game mechanics are still mostly limited to text commands within Discord, Tatsumeeko pursues mass adoption through social engagement and diverse gameplay features to serve 4 types of players: achievers, explorers, killers, and socializers.

Multi-class character system

Figure 2: Tatsumeeko Multi-class system

In Tatsumeeko, players interact with the world of Ielia through eight different character types in a multi-class system including the Squire, the Warrior, the Cleric, the Acolyte, the Archer, the Recruit, the Magician and the Thief.

???? By allowing players to switch between character types, Tatsumeeko requires some critical strategy and teamwork to select which roles best fit each situation. This makes gameplay more collaborative and entertaining and avoids click-to-earn scenarios.

Game modes

Despite the pixelated graphics and idle RPG format, Tatsumeeko suggests it may have deeper lore than most blockhchain games on the market. But the diverse and social gameplay options are where Tatsumeeko really shines. Tatsumeeko’s in-game activities are divided into three main categories:

  • Adventure

    • Exploration
    • Main Story quests
    • Side Story quests
  • Combat (automatic combat, based solely on player stats)

    • Battles
    • Dimensional Invasions
    • Dungeons
    • PvP ladder tournaments


Figure 3: Automatic combat in Tatsumeeko

  • Social / Side activities

    • Achievements
    • Exploration logs
    • Monster cards
    • Mini-games
    • Resource gathering and crafting
    • Character customizations

Figure 4: Social and recreational play in Tatsumeeko

???? Players can enjoy a social Metaverse experience that offers the joy of exploration, team battles, and more casual social features including character customization, farming, fishing, crafting, and other mini games— all playable within the Discord server of their respective communities (called Dimensions). However, it remains to be seen how effectively Tatsumeeko will be able to integrate all these activities into Discord, which currently relies on typed commands.

In summary, Tatsumeeko offers a combination of Casual, Adventure, and MMO gameplay, which rank third, fourth, and tenth in game genre preference in the US in 2021 (Statista). This helps them target a diverse range of players, and they have a number of additional initiatives to expand their impressive user base of 62M, including:

  • Open access for all players without upfront costs
  • Incentive program for Community owners to onboard members
  • Cloud-based engine and cross-platform infrastructure to make Tatsumeeko available on additional devices and applications
  • Progression-based learning
  • Mentorship system that offers training from professional gamers for newbies

Figure 5: Video game preferences by genre in the U.S. 2021

User experience is the primary focus of Tatsumeeko. They have developed an array of add-on features including marketplace, land system, equipment rentals, and Gaming DAOs for third party operators to create, trade, and rent gears for tokens.

Facebook Instant demonstrated the massive potential of integrating casual games with social media, achieving a record of over 2 Billion game sessions on Facebook and Messenger apps by the end of 2018 (Newzoo). Despite their purported focus on social games, Facebook Instant failed to connect players as their games were completely separate and only allowed users to interact through the leaderboard. Tatsumeeko solves this with their casual metaverse in which players interact with each other through various activities, all from within their community’s channel. However, Facebook Instant games are not a perfect comparison, as Discord games are mainly controlled through typed commands and chats.

Tatsumeeko Homes and Land system

Homes and Land are foundational to the social and virtual governance system of Tatsumeeko.

Home owners can participate in the governance and profitability of their District, sharing power with Medallion (badge) holders who contribute to the robustness of their District. This distributes power between owners and citizens, allowing for a more fair and democratic system.

District Lands are allocated to all stakeholders to own and cultivate but require frequent attention and engagement to maintain their resource assets. Adventurer Guilds and Exhibitions are features that promote guild affiliation and enhance guild-owned Dimensions through members’ cooperation, access to top-tier dungeons, and providing venues to host events. These are unique features compared to other existing guild systems on the market and directly target the pro-social value generation in and between communities.

Game Economy

Tatsumeeko features a dual-token economy with $MKLN, the governance token, and $IGS, the utility token.

$MKLN (Governance token) $IGS (Utility token)
Total Supply: 1B Total Supply: Infinite

Inflationary factors:

  • In-game level-up rewards
  • Staking rewards

Inflationary factors:

  • In-game activity rewards
  • Subscription/Genesis Meekopass rewards

Deflationary factors:

  • Governance
  • Stake to earn rewards
  • Value accrual via Escrow Treasury (made up of NFT royalties, protocol owned liquidity fees, and subscription fees)

Deflationary factors:

  • Upgrading ally characters and adventurers
  • Upgrading items
  • Purchasing energy
  • Character Gacha
  • Upgrading personal and community dimensions
  • Item purchases
  • Perks and buffs activation
  • Creating Portals to Realms
  • Crafting and building
  • Farms and Ranches items purchases

Figure 6: Inflationary and deflationary factors of in-game tokens

Meekolony Pass NFT
Total Supply: 10K

Inflationary factors:

  • N/A

Deflationary factors:

  • Staking to earn in-game NFTs and $IGS
  • Special Airdrops
  • Special flair, unique status and auras effects
  • Early access to special vanity and cosmetics
  • Mix and match accessories between Meekolony NFTs
  • In-game VIP stores with discounts and unique items
  • Access to exclusive explorable world
  • Convenience boosts
  • Access to presales, discounted NFTs and Merch stores

Figure 7: Inflationary and deflationary factors of Meekolony NFTs

Tatsumeeko prioritizes gameplay and socialization and pays special attention to the utility of in-game tokens and NFTs, per the table above. Notably, Genesis NFTs offer gamers/communities self-actualization and affiliation values through cosmetic items and access to potential rewards/discounts without any extra priority or gameplay advantage, which maintains balance in the game ecosystem and mitigates pay-to-win strategies.

Figure 8: Characters in-game outlook

According to NewZoo, 43% of active gamers in the US used in-game skins/cosmetics and 39% paid for these skins/cosmetics with fiat money. Moreover, 75% of players interested in skin trading would be willing to spend more if their items could be exchanged for monetary value. However, Tatsumeeko differentiates itself from GameFi competitors by embracing tried-and-true cosmetics systems of the traditional gaming industry. As a result, the project has attracted 62K MAU, over 4.7M virtual goods traded, generating over $369K in micro-transactions within the proof-of-concept version.

The utility of $MKLN mainly comes down to Governance properties within the game. By staking $MKLN, users receive staking rewards and are able to vote on proposed features and events. The additional utility should be added to help counterbalance the potential sell pressure from staking rewards as the game grows.

The utility of $IGS is aligned with an upgrading mechanism, which gradually increases the use cases and amount of $IGS required for each level-up. Ideally, over time, player motivation shifts from earning rewards to self-actualization and socialization, and less pressure will be placed on in-game cash flow for token rewards.

Figure 9: $MKLN Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

Team & Backers

David Lim (CEO)

  • Founder of game server host Brutus.SG, reached 150k players (now defunct)
  • 9+ years of community building experience

Benson Chua (CTO)

  • An early employee of SRX

  • Second Upper Hons from NUS in Computer Science

  • 10+ years of engineering experience

Other team members are experienced in gaming and community building

Rose Katalanou 

Aditya Wiraha

  • Pixel Artist (10 years)
  • Full Stack Developer (7 years)

Riesta Gema Maratama

Cintia Gandulfo
  • Pixel Artist (7 years)
  • Pixel Artist (6 years)

Anathasya Zhang

Ferdi Hassan

  • Digital Illustrator (6 years)
  • Motion Graphics (6 years)

Dimas Ariyanto

Kafin Salim

  • Digital Illustrator (4 years)
  • Full Stack Developer (5 years)

Marcus Teh

Justin Nguyen

  • Full Stack Developer (4 years)
  • Backend Developer (3 years)

Trisya Krisnarizkiani

 Sarah Christner
  • UI/UX Designer (3 years)
  • Story Writer (4 years)

Frengky Winata


  • Crypto Analyst (4 years)
  • 8 Moderators

The Tatsumeeko team are veterans in virtual community building who have successfully built Tatsu.GG since 2015, reaching 1.44 million Discord communities and 62 million users with over 4.7M items traded.


Figure 10-11: Tatsumeeko Partners and Investors

Tatsumeeko has completed its $7.5M seed funding round, co-led by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Ventures and BITKRAFT Ventures with the participation of other prominent entities including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Dialectic, Mechanism Capital, Folius Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Coinhako, GuildFi, Mintable, SnackClub, Ancient8, Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Avocado DAO and a high-profile board of angel investors and advisors.


Backers of Tatsumeeko include leading crypto-native enterprises, gaming venture firms and prominent gaming guilds. This provides solid layers of support in terms of capital, technology infrastructure, and community/marketing, which bolsters the robustness of the Tatsu ecosystem. Tatsu has all the resources they need to leverage their existing user base and achieve its long-term goals.


See below for social channel statistics of other prominent RPG/Social games, compared with those of Tatsumeeko (data as of April 8, 2022):

  Twitter Inactive followers Discord Telegram
Axie Infinity 927.3K 31.1% 761.6K 70K
The Sandbox 870K 25.4% 280K 119K
Decentraland 559K 24.6% 161K -
Chillchat 22.3K 12.3% 22.1K -
Tatsumeeko 5.6K 22.4% 93K -

Figure 12: Social media statistics of Tatsumeeko and prominent RPG/Social games (SparkToro)

Compared to similar projects of the same genre, Tatsumeeko has achieved an impressive membership on Discord despite the project still being in its early stages.

In terms of go-to-market strategy, Tatsumeeko uses:

  • Twitter mainly for product updates and user interaction without spamming or over-shilling. The products updates are released consistently with further updates on the social life around Tatsumeeko offices and life activities, which helps to generate the social connection between the development team and followers.
  • Discord remains the most popular channel for Tatsumeeko to distribute information, and interact with the community and as a social hub for community members with refined Metaverse social functions and channels for daily life activities.

Figure 13: Social functions in Tatsumeeko Discord Server

Moreover, Tatsumeeko is already integrated into the popular Discord communities of PewDiePie, Davie504, Moistcr1tikal, Mobile Legends, Team Liquid, and the fan clubs of Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and Hololive Fan Server.

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